MagnetTx produces the “Aurora-RT” which is an MR guided Linear Accelerator. The first of its kind in the world. The Aurora-RT uses precision MR images to accurately position the patient prior to delivery of radiation with the linear accelerator. Real time MR imaging can then be used to monitor tumor position during the radiation delivery. If necessary, the radiation delivery can be adapted in real time to follow the tumour’s movement. Using MR imaging to guide the radiotherapy delivery will make the treatment much more accurate than current radio-therapy devices.

The Aurora RT’s improved precision will provide higher quality patient treatment for the health care system. It is expected that the Aurora-RT will lead to significant improvements in tumor control by providing better clinical outcomes with fewer side effects. The Aurora-RT will provide higher quality treatments at a lower overall cost to the health care system. With the Aurora RT there is significant evidence that the number of radiation treatments for each patient can be reduced. This will lead to improved economics for the health care system, and improved quality of life for patients.