MagnetTx’s founders were the first to ever successfully merge an MR (magnetic resonance machine) with a Linac (linear accelerator) thus creating a revolutionary new way to deliver radiation therapy. This new machine, the Aurora RT™, will change the way cancer patients are treated. Imaging will be clearer and done in real time while the delivering radiation in the most precise and accurate manner possible.


Advantages of MR Guidance

MR imaging is well known for its exquisite soft tissue contrast. State of the art linear accelerators have Cone Beam CT (CBCT) image guidance, which suffers from low contrast, and CT images cannot be captured concurrently with the beam delivery. The Aurora RT™ combines high quality MR images with a 6 MV linear accelerator. The machine is designed to provide excellent images prior to treatment for accurate patient alignment, as well as real time MR imaging during beam delivery to allow advance gating of tumour tracking features. This makes the Aurora RT™ perfectly suited for adaptive radiotherapy.