Aurora RT™ is an integrated medical linear accelerator with an MR Imager for precise treatment. The Aurora RT utilizes simultaneous treatment with soft tissue imaging. The Aurora RT uses a unique patented design which almost eliminates the interference between the Linac and the MR. Specifically, the magnetic field of the MR unit is provided by a cryogen free bi-planar magnet which rotates. The linac is oriented to be parallel to the magnetic field of the MR unit. The radiation beam is directed through the center of the coils along their common axis, and the entire system rotates together.
This new machine, the Aurora RT, will change the way cancer patients are treated. Imaging will be clearer and done in real time while delivering radiation in the most precise and accurate manner.

Technical Specifications

Linac Energy

6 MV

MultiLeaf Collimator (MLC)

120 Leaves (standard, micro)



Patient Opening(braces)

110 cm W x 60 cm H

Linac-MR Configuration

Aligned – Rotate Together

MR Position

Rotates 360 degrees


Parallel to Magnetic Field (minimal dosimetric perturbation)

Bunker and Maze Size

Standard for Linacs (installation through maze)

MR Cryogens and Venting

None Required

Beam Modulation


Soft-tissue Imaging Rate

Four images per sec

Treatment Planning

Real-time Adaptive