MagnetTx Oncology Solutions, Ltd. is a private Canadian company, headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta. MagnetTx is developing a world-leading technology that combines a linear accelerator (Linac), with real-time (concurrent) Magnetic Resonance imaging to deliver radiotherapy to cancer patients, with a goal to substantially reduce radiation treatment margins and thereby improve cancer patient outcomes and less adverse side-effects. The company’s first product is the Aurora-RT™.

The “Aurora-RT™” is an MR guided Linear Accelerator. The first of its kind in the world. The Aurora-RT™ uses precision MR images to accurately position the patient prior to delivery of radiation with the linear accelerator. Real time MR imaging can then be used to monitor tumor position during the radiation delivery. If necessary, the radiation delivery can be adapted in real time to follow the tumor movement. Using MR imaging to guide the radiotherapy delivery will make the treatment more accurate than the current radio-therapy devices.